2 Year Olds

Two year olds will develop the social-emotional, self-help and physical development skills. Their vocabulary can grow to nearly 300 words between the ages of two and three. Children will be encouraged to identify objects and speak in three to five word sentences. Repetition is vital when it comes to learning a new skill. We will provide many opportunities for children to accomplish this. Tasks may be pouring juice at snack time and putting on their jackets and shoes. Children will be encouraged to refer to their friends by name, play grocery store and act out shows. These activities help when your child reaches the preschool years. Children use their physical skills by climbing, jumping, hopping and running on the play ground. They will also use fine motor skills by finger painting, coloring with sidewalk chalk and creating with clay. At age two children's cognitive skills are expanding quickly. Children will experience activities designed to distinguish between textures, identify shapes and colors.